The Frau Experiment

Our church’s fundraiser this fall was OKTOBERFEST and I don’t know how it happened, but I was on the decorations committee. I told the lovely fraus in charge that I am useless when it comes to ideas so basically I was available for grunt work.

The transformation of the church hall was amazing. One frau in charge was a self-proclaimed Army brat and had an ambitious vision for Oktoberfest. She wanted elegant, fresh, and natural as opposed to the normal decor you see for American Oktoberfest celebrations, kinda cheesy and over the top (which my husband wanted but I told him, maybe for an Oktoberfest at our house but not for a couple of hundred parishioners!).









Our new pastor is Polish and had a wonderful time. Even more wonderful when he won one of the raffle prizes: A HUGE WINE BASKET. (I sold him those tickets by the way.)

I even got into character. I am so not German but it was very fun to spout the German phrases I did know.



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