The Reunion Reaction

I hate those military homecoming shows.

I do. Really.

Of course, there is a tinge of jealousy watching a reunion between families back together again when mine has been fragmented for so long.

But I think those reunion shows give the wrong impression of military life. Yes, happy tears when mommy and daddy comes back but there is so much more that we don’t see.

Adjustments to Daddy being back. Adjustments to Daddy leaving. Adjustments to having two parents again. Always ask Daddy first. He never says no.

I thought about having my husband R pull the kids out of class the last hour of the day as a surprise. R would show up unexpectedly but with permission of their teachers of course. My mother thinks he should hide in their closet and find him when they got home.

I think they’d pee their pants if he popped out of their closets.

I am not sure what we’ll do. Our reunions are private and special each and every time. I will let their teachers know what we may do. I will let R decide how he wants to surprise our kids.

They are so excited to see Daddy. We haven’t seen him since May. We don’t Skype. We don’t e-mail. It’s so much easier to just call when we need to, text and send pictures when we need to.

The youngest L is in kindergarten and makes a calendar with her class every month. As soon as we knew Daddy’s arrival date, they have all used her calendar to keep track of the days until Daddy gets home.

Only two more days.


[Note: I do not own these images. All images were found on Google.]

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