The Acrylic Annihilation

How do you do it?

How do all of you brilliant, awesome people go to work everyday, take care of your children, cook dinner, and still have time to exercise? Even doing one or any combo of those is tough.

Man. I bow down to you.

“We’re not worthy!”

Yesterday I scored a cool sub position teaching English. I read my library books in a span of a couple of days each, a good sign that my mental health is mostly intact, so I started to read one of the teacher’s books and finished ten minutes after the last class.

This book, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, was pretty emotional. Predictable but the writing was spot-on for someone in the main character’s position. I think there was even a movie made based on the book. Haven’t watched it and no plans to either.

I had a two hour break and took this opportunity to get pampered. I walked back to fourth period with new acrylic nails and a long-awaited pedicure. I feel very shallow right now. I haven’t had either of those in eight months. I could have gotten either or both any time since then but those habits are quite expensive over time. I appreciate them more when they are scarce!

So I’ve worked five-day weeks (with the exception of the week I volunteered at the kids’ school) and I can do it… but I haven’t been working out as much as I’ve liked.

Erm… some weeks I only took one class! I’m more mindful of my eating habits though so that’s a plus. Something as small as skipping the starch for a meal or two makes a big difference. I find I can fall asleep easier. Staying busy makes me forget about my sugar dependency though getting stressed about being busy only heightens it.

It’s warm out this week so running is out of the question. I, erm…, don’t like direct sunlight on my face when I’m running. I’m so weird, I know.

I suppose this is what the WII is for. To encourage family fitness when leaving the house because you’re lazy is out of the question. I suppose I need to find a few of my fitness DVDs and do them. The problem with trying to do Pilates or yoga at home is getting a facial when you exercise.

Also yesterday I took a hula class at the gym. I almost didn’t though.

I showed up an hour early and since one does hula barefoot, did I bother to wear proper footwear for alternate fitness activities?


But I came back and I did the class.

Hope I can find more motivation today!

They should show a body that defies this image because who would ever challenge a woman with boxing gloves and a six pack no matter what her height? A woman with boxing gloves and a six pack is someone people should avoid picking a fight with. What they should show is a woman who is bigger than the norm to show that size doesn’t necessarily mean weakness. I could open a beer bottle with these thunder thighs!

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