Is My GEEK Showing?

My parents did not really care for science fiction and fantasy. I grew up watching The Lawrence Welk Show, The A-Team, Bonanza, and Dukes of Hazzard. My father preferred his daily newspaper and ball games on TV. My mother savored supermarket tabloids and the occaisional romance novel that friends would pass along.

My brother and I are a different story. My brother discovered comics at an early age. To this day, I am not sure if he’s a DC fan or Marvel but I’m pretty sure he owns both. We loved Saturday morning cartoons. We watched The Justice League and Smurfs and other such fantastic characters. I read realistic fiction and was mildly surprised when I enjoyed a fantasy novel. As we got older, we got a taste of the blockbuster movies of the 80’s like the Star Wars trilogy (no, I do not acknowledge “the first three”, aka Episodes 1-3) and Indiana Jones.

You already know of our love for science nerds; R and I being two of them.

Like any parent, I encourage my kids to read the book before the movie. The Hunger Games (for the oldest) and Harry Potter (will be read alouds for the girls soon) are no exceptions. There are entire worlds of science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and post-apocalyptic just waiting to be discovered.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Doctor Who.

How could I have never watched Doctor Who before? This year the series turns fifty years old! We are having a blast learning about the Doctor and though we still have yet to watching the older episodes (we are only on season four of the newer series), this is a series that we absolutely adore.


The youngest L has renamed some of her miniature dolls to the names of The Doctor’s companions. She has even found a giant blue lego block that she calls the TARDIS. The middle daughter goes around telling everyone about little fat monsters called Adipose which quite literally are little fats. The oldest has made the inside of the TARDIS with his legos. We all freak out a little when we see statues by screaming, “DON’T BLINK!”

Now tell me honestly. Is my GEEK showing?

Someone had written BAD WOLF in the Monterey sand dunes with nature stuff. I tried to take a better picture the following morning but it was gone.

One thought on “Is My GEEK Showing?

  1. We must be kindred spirits! Dr. Who, the old series, was only a taste when I dated a guy in college in the late 80’s. The new series is huge with a fave cousin but with a new baby, now preschooler, I barely have time to watch my shows and Germany us really strict on online video content (Hulu, what’s that?). But I am certain I would like the new show… Good to know your kids do as well. Might be time to get the full satellite package from Sky UK so I can catch some Brit TV!

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