The Chocolate Cake Consistency

Last weekend the middle child requested chocolate cake.

“Are you hungry for cake?” I asked her.

She nodded. “Yes!” she said. “It’s so delicious! Can we make one?”

Ah, I had forgotten how much she loves to help in the kitchen. She loves chopping vegetables and more recently has started to chop up her fruit. Whenever R is home she requests her favorite, lemon meringue pie, and they end up making a few pies together. Next month will be no different.

I will put in a request for pumpkin pie. I never liked pumpkin pie, or any other pie for that matter. My family has never been big on pies. I remember that there would be an obligatory pumpkin pie and apple pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas but I never ate it.

I eat my words now though as my pallette has become very picky when it comes to pies. It also helps that R can bake them just right. I love a buttery, flaky crust. Just a touch of cinnamon, egg wash for the shiny texture. Perfect.

A and I baked this chocolate cake together. I let her measure everything and crack the eggs. She mixed the batter all by herself… and licked the bowl all by herself.

Needless to say, this cake did not last very long at all. My brother came over and took a big chunk of it (to my son’s dismay) and in a surprising turn of events, I let them eat a slice of cake for breakfast the next morning.

3 thoughts on “The Chocolate Cake Consistency

    • Oh gosh, we just used a regular old cake mix and store-bought frosting. I do “doctor” special occasion cakes with sour cream, sour cream frosting and an extra egg. Sounds disgusting if you don’t care for sour cream but it will be the densest, moistest cake you ever had. It is so good, in fact, that I served it as my daughter’s birthday cake. My cousin was enjoying a slice when a fly got stuck on it but he said it was so good that he ate around it! Lol! Google it… you won’t be disappointed.

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