The Petting Zoo Postulate

Our school had a health fair on Saturday. There was a miscommunication about the start time. Fliers said 7 am (yes, that’s 7 in the morning). The automated phone call said 8 am.

No matter. We got up bright and early and enjoyed the fair. Kids were quizzed on identifying nonfat versus skim cheeses and milk.


I cheated a little. I asked them what tasted better and that meant it was skim. The kids learned about sugar consumption for the average American kid was almost seventy pounds a year! Most weeks are better than others for our kids but in general they eat pretty well. L even said, “My mommy only lets us eat candy only SOME FRIDAYS.” They were also tested on their knowledge of food groups. What food groups are strawberries in?


They got their blood pressure taken and carotenoid counts. Both girls had low blood pressure; the nurse thinks they might be a bit dehydrated. L scored higher in her carotenoid count (how many fruits and vegetables they consume) than the average adult and A scored almost double that. I suspect L has been eating more fast food with Grandma and Uncle J than she cares to disclose.



A was brave and got up on stage with her principal to try out exotic fruits and vegetables. She tried starfruit and different kinds of cauliflower. L said, “NO THANKS!”



The main attraction was the petting zoo. A even got the chance to ask the owner of the pair of ponies how one gets a chance to own a horse. I think she may have committed this (lots of room, love, and attention) to memory!
Ponies, bunnies, and goats… oh my!










2 thoughts on “The Petting Zoo Postulate

  1. Kiwi Daugher eats REALLY healthily but has stomach troubles a lo : I took her to the Dr and he said it’s connected to her constipation problems, like most kids she doesn’t drink nearly enough.
    Kids get busy playing and running around a simply forget to drink as much as they need to, so now we have to actively supervise her drinking a LARGE glass of water several times a day and the stomach and toilet problems are down by about 80%. Dehydration is a *really* common problem in kids apparently…
    This looks like a brilliant teaching day… (cool to see adult staff members dressed in banana and strawberry costumes) 🙂
    Yep, our kids wanted a pony too… like THAT’s going to work in a second and third floor city apartment (noooooot!!!) !!!

    • The health fair was organized by a local university. The girls had a lot of fun. The older one had starfruit for the first time and loved it. Now to get grandma to grow starfruit in her yard. The youngest did not want anything to do with the tasting, even if our principal was trying to get her up on stage 🙂

      I need to stay hydrated too. The hot weather, a cup of coffee every day, and not wanting to get up at night to go to the bathroom a gazillion times all contribute to my dehydration! Yikes!

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