The Picture Day Paradigm

Yesterday was madness. It was… Picture Day!

This one

actually wanted to wear a shirt with a collar. He hates getting pictures done for Christmas. I make him wear a tie. But he sees his friends at school rocking the “Pharmacist Look”, a collared shirt over a t-shirt. I have no idea why he dubbed that the Pharmacist Look but whatever. As long as he dresses up when he’s supposed to.

This one

asked me to straighten her hair at the last minute and I had to rush out to a sub job but I straightened it anyway.

This one
came into my room after she woke up and said, “I am going to wear a dress and tights and I have to wear a BFF neckace! The Tinkerbell necklace!” And of course, if her older sister is getting her hair straightened, she needs her hair straightened too.

That morning I misplaced my coffee. I thought I left it in my car. When it wasn’t there, I thought it must still be on the counter. Then I had a question for the school secretary and… there it was, on her desk. I swear, I am losing my mind.

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