The Debbie Harry Reaction

Here’s L in front of a huge grill my cousin made when we were in Monterey Bay for the funeral.


A friend and I are watching Blondie and Devo in concert tonight in Citrus Heights, CA. Since neither of us had been here before, I dropped the kids off early at their cousin’s house for a superfun sleepover and headed out. When I drove past the stage, I saw her! I saw Debbie Harry!

So I get out of the car and decide to check it out. No one is out there. I can’t even find the main entrance and then I hear this…

so naturally I do this…

And guess what?! They didn’t even perform this song! You just saw an exclusive. Pardon my dorkiness but surely you can ignore it to listen to Blondie. Both Devo and Blondie put on a great show. I wish I had my iPad to record Blondie singing “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood! Wow!

Also, I could totally see this guy’s biceps from across the arena.

Tommy Kessler on guitar was amazing and I’m not just saying that being he’s a cutie though it certainly doesn’t hurt.
Here’s a video of one of his solos on Youtube, not one I saw in person.

Yep, worth every penny.

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