Les Miserables Manipulation

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My older cousins inspired me to request piano lessons as a first grader. They could play elaborate songs, teach themselves tunes from the radio, and make the entire family light up when they were given the chance to sing along.

When you play the piano (or any instrument for that matter), it is easy to learn to play other instruments. By the time I reached sixth grade, I picked up the violin and the saxophone.

By the time I reached junior high, I wanted nothing more to do with lessons.

The same thing happened when I was a freshman in college. I took a drawing class and loved it so much I imagined a life from then on with a career in fine arts. Imagining and creating came easily to me and awakened parts of my mind that playing instruments did for me as a child.

Again, it happened.

By the time I reached the end of the term, I wanted nothing more to do with art classes.

Looking back I am not sure why I quit all of those times. Maybe the word “quit” is wrong. Maybe I loved these things so much that I wanted them to remain mine and mine alone. Or maybe I didn’t love them enough to pursue them as more than just hobbies. As time passes, I feel more strongly about the latter but I do know that I feel more complete, more like myself when I am surrounded by music and opportunities to be creative.

So I have rekindled my love for the fine arts with the help of this guy, Ramin Karimloo,


this guy, Hadley Fraser,(who was also on the Fresh Beat Band too! All of you stay-at-home parents know who I’m talking about!)


and of course, this one, Alfie Boe, who’s voice is so amazing that I wish I had a hundred bucks to see him in concert at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco next month!


But alas, I will keep watching YouTube, I will play the 25th Anniversary DVDs of The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables (both of which I highly recommend if you can’t get yourself to London or NYC or any Broadway-loving city to watch these awesome musicals in person), and I will giggle at fine videos such as this one:

2 thoughts on “Les Miserables Manipulation

    • Thank you! The only one I have seen was Turandot in college when a professor had orchestra seats for our entire floor of our dorm. It was amazing. I collected the CDs of Bocelli and Pavarotti back then and may even stolen a copy of Madame Butterfly from a friend. Last week at my mother’s house I found The Three Tenors CD that I purchased twenty years ago! Even now I keep the radio in my room set to the classical music/opera station, always soothing when I can’t sleep. I would love to see another opera in person, any fine arts really, but it’s so pricey. Thank goodness YouTube is free. By the time I was ten, I had already seen a handful of symphonies thanks to my piano teacher. I am on a mission though to keep my eye out for local talent that may be performing for free or at a very low cost.

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