The Apology Insufficiency

The WordPress App on my computer does not work and I am unable to add video and pics to my posts without it, both of which are needed for the few posts I have ready to be published as soon as the app works.

In the meantime, there hasn’t been much going in our house. We are feeling slightly optimistic that R might be coming home next month but as any military family knows, that is still up in the air.

The kids have been out of school while most of the district has just started which means, yes, I have already started subbing.

I had this awesome assignment on Thursday teaching woodshop. I have never taken woodshop so this was pretty cool. Well, not really since all I did for three hours was show videos. I did tell them that using common sense and getting wiser doesn’t necessarily come with old age, as heard in my story about how I sewed my finger when I was eight months pregnant. But that’s another post. Again, still waiting on this app to be fixed.

On a different note, I have just learned that one of my cousins suffered a massive stroke last night and passed away early this morning. This has struck me as very, for lack of a better word, weird.

Growing up, I had a very large, very extended family. I was brought to rosaries and funerals of family members, family of family members, and family friends– who back in the 70’s and 80’s was almost every single Filipino in town.

My brother and I are the youngest of all of our generation with the oldest cousin having a daughter just two months younger than my brother. To have someone pass away in your family is certainly devastating. To have a first cousin pass away for me, especially since I do not feel old at all at the age of 37, is all very weird. Haunting? Awkward?

Even know having been mulling over this news for the past twelve hours, I still am in a bit of a shock. You can tell by my absence in Zumba this morning, my dinner of a few bites of leftover chocolate chip pancake, and my three hour long afternoon nap. There are meetings that I still have yet to cancel, a birthday party that will have to go unattended, and perhaps even a sub job that might be released back into the queue.

I cannot even imagine what her siblings are going through right now. She leaves behind two younger sisters and a younger brother, who are all still at least a decade older than me, and between them have three sons and one daughter. The mass movement down south to where the rest of the family has already begun.

It might be alright though that this blogging app is down, that my online class to get authorized to teach general science in junior high is winding down, and that the kids are out of school. Maybe, just maybe, I need to slow down and take a breath.

Until next time.

3 thoughts on “The Apology Insufficiency

  1. My condolences on your loss, even though it’s less “immediate” it’s still close enough to come as quite a shock. It brings the reality of our mortality a step closer when it’s a cousin and not a grandparent or parent.
    Treasure Life, love each day… take nothing for granted.

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