The Stay-At-Home Solution

I am not going to lie. The hardest job I ever had was being a stay-at-home mom. It’s tough and I have a lot of respect for moms and dads who can do it. I even tell myself that I can’t wait until the school year starts so I can start subbing again.

So why did I feel so alone today after dropping off the kids at school this morning? I had a moment of panic while walking back to my car when I realized that I wasn’t holding the baby’s hand.

Only she’s not a baby. She’s five years old and I dropped her off at kindergarten.

I had a moment of panic again when I was walking through Target in search of a 9 volt battery so the damn fire alarm will stop singing the song of its people at random times of the day and scare the shit out of the dogs. My children weren’t behind me. I was by myself.

After that moment passed, I wandered the aisles while telling myself to avoid the books and magazines. I almost paused by the toy section, ready to yell, “Okay, we can just LOOK but we aren’t buying ANYTHING.” But there was no one to say this to.

I took my time in the store, a luxury I have forgotten about. Being at any store without any children hasn’t happened in a long time. Who knew there were so many types of sanitary products? So many options. Wings, no wings, dri-weave, jumbo, even stuff for thongs. So so weird.

I thought to myself in the store, Wow, I could really get used to this.

Then I remembered that their last day of school is tomorrow. Oh, the irony…





I did not even know she knew how to use the iPad! My other daughter asked me how she could get to the free My Little Pony episodes I downloaded earlier. I started touching the screen to look for it but this one said, “No, Mommy. Like this!” and voila! I’m pretty sure she found it in two seconds.

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