The Khaki Ball Conclusion

I passed my CSET tests for General Science! After I finish this online course through UCLA in a couple of weeks, I will be able to add a general science authorization to my teaching credential. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ll be cleared to teach general science at the junior and high school levels. Once I finish my final I will start studying for the biology and chemistry CSETs to pursue additional authorizations in those areas. That test is next month!

There is a five miler coming up on Saturday but I am not sure if I’ll be able to do it. I injured my hip a couple of weeks ago to what I attribute to stretching, or lack of. Also, it’s been over a hundred degrees for the past couple of weeks with no signs of cooling down in sight. Because I have been less active, I’ve been trying to really be mindful of my calorie intake which isn’t too hard since hot weather is a good appetite suppressant.

I got an invite from my husband’s command in Virginia for the annual Khaki Ball. I have never been to one and really really want to go but eh, cannot go for a zillion reasons. Two of the biggest reasons being money and kids. Ah, story of my life…

While I may not be able to do anything about the money sitch, there is a lot of entertainment value in these kids, particularly when it comes to their artistic ability.


This one I found on the kitchen table when L, the kindergartener, decided to make something for her brother and sister. I cannot believe the detail in her drawing!





According to M, a cyclops is throwing all of those guys down a ditch. Yes, those guys are in line. I like how some of the figures have found creative ways of getting sacrificed. One has a parachute, a few are holding hands, another is surfing on top of yet another guy. There is one guy though who is on the side of the cliff who’s smiling and trying to climb out.



The following is a story called “The Boy Who Didn’t Enjoy Slightly Overcooked Popcorn, Book 1 of the Manslotter Series”.


I have typed the manuscript in the original form, in case the print is too small in the picture:

Chapter #1 A Villan is Born

Once a pon a time there was a boy named Max. It was Friday. He was having movie night. If there was one thing Max loved it was popcorn. Unfortunatly when Max ate his popcorn it was slightly overcooked. Max was angry. Max came up to his parents and said, “You creeps. Why did you give me slightly overcooked popcorn?”

Max pulled out a gun and shot his parents. “I’m runing away. I’m going to become a VILLAN,” Max shouted. Max’s parents allways told him don’t be a villan. Now that he killed his parrents he was destined to be a villan.

Pretty awesome, right? Don’t worry. Remember I already checked with a psychologist about this sort of doodling?


I can’t remember if the big guy is throwing up or is breathing fire. If it were fire, he probably would have added flames. Anyway there is a joker who carved out the belly of the big guy and stuck a bomb in there. Also, the circle inset in the upper right hand corner is a picture of what is happening inside of the big guy’s belly button. Seriously. Oh look, there’s a guy with a bomb for a head, someone going to sleep, a birthday cake, and a guy with a wheelbarrow full of belly button lint.



“Big mutant cyborg head”: So the mad scientist at the bottom, who is apparently only two feet tall, made Mario into a giant, rocket-propelled head. The head itself is a whopping eight feet tall.



Now this drawing is confusing. I can’t remember what M said about this but I think people are fed into the Baby Xtream and are made into grenades. But what does this have to do with the giant monster called the Babie Creator at the top where one dude is chipping away at its flesh and feeding its blood and/or guts to the guy down below? Wait, is that a flame thrower? Are those babies lifting a flame thrower? Somehow I think this was drawn after I had the talk with the boy about the birds and the bees…


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