The Trash Bag Transformation

I spent two hours in a time and space vortex known as my daughters’ room. It went from this


to this


in two hours. I still have a ways to go because the closet still looks like this

but I needed a break!

You’re probably wondering why I let their room get this way. I never clean their room. They are responsible for keeping their room clean and they’re usually pretty good about keeping it organized but every season I have to go through and get rid of A LOT of stuff.

This morning I filled two trash bags with:
– boxes and packaging they never bothered to throw out in the recycling bin
– a stale, crumbly hot dog bun (gross!)
– crayon wrappers
– random papers from school and from each other (I saved a couple of the notes that were neatly folded and put away)
– toys that were broken and unsalvageable
– parts of toys with other parts nowhere to be found

If I did not make these seasonal deep cleanings, I would not find these gems such as





I had to make piles for stuff that does not belong in their room.
– markers, crayons, pencils, erasers
– books, coloring books
– stuffed animals (I finally had to put all of them in an empty laundry hamper)
I prefer these things go in our “library” and “homework center”. They can have these things in their room if they are actively using it but certainly not piles and piles of it all. Then the whole “I can’t find a pencil!” and “We don’t have any crayons!” whining ensues when of course we have all that stuff. Mommy has boxes and boxes of it from teaching!

Speaking of Mommy as a teacher, I found this written by the middle child A. She wrote this for her and her sister. I love that she has scheduled multiple breaks when cleaning.


Speaking of which, it is time for mine…


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