The Sprained Malfunction

I came sad conclusion that I may have to cut down my Zumba hours per week. I do higher impact versions of her goddess Vanessa’s choreography that I cannot do both and maintain a running schedule of four days a week.

You read that right. Four days a week.

I am surprised that my bank hasn’t called me to verify superfluous spending in the form of race entry fees. I am quite excited actually.

I have a 5K and a 10K in September, a 5K in October, and a 5K in December. I am still hoping that I will hit a weekly ten mile run by Christmas.

I was in my doctor’s office last week for my annual and well, I thought I had skin cancer on my forehead. Yes, my husband thinks I am a hypochrondriac too. I would take a pic of this questionable lesion but I don’t want to scare you away from this silly little blog.

The doctor took one look at it and said, “Um… it’s a wart.” So she tried to burn the sucker off with liquid nitrogen. It was gross and cool all at the same time.

She asked me how I felt about my weight, a touchy subject for any doctor to bring up I’m sure. I said I think I’m fine even though BMI charts list me as obese. I told her that I had been on a running schedule for the last two months, haven’t lost a single pound, and that my clothes fit better despite the scale not budging. I have been eating better (even though my kids eat way better than me; after all, they don’t have a secret stash of chocolate hidden somewhere), especially taking up running again.

Do you know how people always say, “There’s always room for dessert”? Well, for me, there is always energy for Zumba. I could be dead tired or just eaten a giant California burrito and a large diet soda but I could always dance. With running, it’s very different.

I HAVE to eat right for fuel otherwise I come to a dead stop.

I HAVE to avoid heavy foods or my running pace becomes a walking pace.

I AM VERY MINDFUL of my diet when I run regularly.

And do you know what my doctor said?

She said to ignore the charts and go by how I feel. My numbers looked fine. She said that if I continue this routine that the fat will just continue to melt away.

It also did not hurt that she is a runner herself!

Such a change from my last doctor who saw my weight and hinted that I was too heavy.

So now I need to be not only mindful of what I eat, I have to pay very close attention to my workouts. I think I am just so motivated and happy that I am motivated that I don’t want to lose this momentum by taking a chance on a losing a less-than-perfect workout.

But my ankles and knees have to recover. I need to cross-train on days I’m not running but not to the point where I am just begging for an injury. I need to listen to my body.

Because that’s what runners do.

I saw green smoothies on Pinterest and decided to give them a whirl…


… um, spinach…


I walked around the kids’ school with this thing and a grandmother asked me what I put in my smoothie. I even told her, “I really don’t like this but I am going to drink it because I made a whole blender’s worth!” Actually when I got home, I reblended it with frozen blueberries and it was MUCH better.


Lesson learned. Mango smoothie? Delicious. Mango and spinach smoothie? Um, no. Adding blueberries to make everything better? Priceless.

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