The First Day Fluctuation

The kids went back to school already. This includes the baby, who at 5 years old and in kindergarten, is anything but.


People ask me what I’ve been doing with all of my free time in the morning and I honestly couldn’t tell you. I probably look a little lost, going to the gym or getting groceries.

I have been taking an online class to try and get a credential in secondary schools so I’ve been doing homework, participating in forums and trying not to be a smartass and/or a goofball. I have also started studying for taking more tests to get authorizations in higher sciences. Even if I don’t pass the preliminary tests, the study guides overlap so I’m not wasting any time. Also, who wouldn’t want to know more about chemical reactions honestly?

I can’t go to the mall. Don’t want to spend any money. Best to just not tempt me, that’s what I say.

Can’t hang out at the bookstore because the nearest one is thirty minutes away! Save gas, save money.

May as well just stay home and do a severe edit on the kids’ bedrooms. I can always tell when they’ve got too much stuff when they think it’s too difficult to keep their rooms clean.

But first, I think I am going to read a little…



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