Who ARE You and What Have You Done With My Son?

My ten year old has been over his cousins’ house since Sunday and finally came back today.

I missed him like crazy.

His sisters? Not so much.

When we went to pick him up this morning, the middle one A whispered to me, “Can we leave him here again?”

I can’t say I blame her. They’ve been clashing a lot the past year ever since he became a TWEEN. While he’s been gone the last forty-eight hours, she’s had it pretty good. I let her spend money she got from Grandma and Grandpa on the game Jenga. I brought her and her sister to the park and out to eat.

Girl time.

Perhaps the most important part though was that she was no longer in the middle. She was only the big sister. I imagine it must have felt pretty good.

When M came back, he told me that Chuck Norris once ate a 12 oz steak in under a minute and 59 seconds of that was spent having sex with the waitress.


I am pretty sure he and his older cousins (M will be in fifth grade, his older cousins will be in sixth grade and eighth grade) Google’d more Chuck Norris jokes. I am pretty sure they were able to talk about things he couldn’t talk about with me or his sisters for that matter. I am not worried about what they talked about. His cousins are good kids and their parents (their mother is my first cousin) are doing a great job.

I am worried about him.

Okay, that’s coming out wrong.

I am worried about me. He’s growing up so fast that I can’t breathe! I don’t have my husband here to tell me to exhale. Ugh. Not until next year! Next year cannot come soon enough!

So I tucked him into bed tonight. I said, “Good night! I love you!” like I have for the past ten and a half years. And for the past ten and a half years, he’s called out several times until I leave his room, “I love you! Good night!” and we’d go back and forth a couple times until I retreated back downstairs.

Tonight he said nothing.


Hear that? That’s the sound of my heart breaking.

One thought on “Who ARE You and What Have You Done With My Son?

  1. I know this is probably coming all too soon with Kiwi Daughter, but I’m burying my head in the sand for the moment (whilst we DO still have our “little girl” moments) and trying to convince myself that nothing will change.
    Of course it will… and I’ll join you in that heart breaking moment when they are deciding they are “too big” now for “that stuff”.
    My best friend once said wisely “nature intends it that way, if they stayed like the babies you couldn’t bear to part with they’d still be with you in their 60’s…like this they get obnoxious in time to make the parting into adulthood easier/ready/necessary and also in time for nature to give them kids who in turn will do the same to them”
    She’s right of course, logic is simple and black and white but life is all the fuzzy grey in between filled with emotions and so it won’t make the process any easier will it?
    In Dutch we don’t wish someone “good luck” instead we wish them strength…
    … so “sterkte!”

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