No Pressure Or Anything

It’s the morning of the test!

Nightmares about forgetting number two pencils? Check.

Healthy breakfast? Check.


My body shut down on me on Tuesday with a sprained ankle. I had a lot of anxiety about the test that I wanted to run out and was so disappointed because I was looking forward to upping my mileage. On Tuesday I realized I was a runner.

My mind shut down on me two days later. I didn’t have the patience or energy to study vectors or igneous rocks or tRNA for that matter. Yesterday I slept the entire day!

With the kids sleeping over at their cousins’ house, I could fall asleep and wake up when I wanted to. Not that I don’t when they’re home because they know, in the words of the Disney movie Aladdin, do not disturb Mommy’s slumber! I could do all this without worrying about them.

I called R before I left for the test site. He said, “Maybe it’s a good thing all of this happened. Now you’re well-rested.”

He’s right. I probably would have taken both exercise and studying to an obsessively unhealthy extreme. He suggested to go to Starbucks before the test to relax and to not freak out before the test.

Phone call to loving and supportive husband? Check.

5 thoughts on “No Pressure Or Anything

    • I think I did okay. Great, in fact. In fact, I kinda did mini happy dances every time I REALLY knew the answer to a question…

      Which makes me a little nervous. Oh God, no, not about the happy dance because EVERYONE loves a happy dance but I worry that I totally bombed it and that I am totally full of myself, hee hee…

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