Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Last night I was having a little trouble accepting another missed birthday. No one to help me plan, to bake the cake instead of me, to give a kick-ass birthday for our baby.

Then my son said out of the blue, “I wonder what it would be like to live with your daddy your whole life.”

Funny at first but what a heart-wrenching, sucker-punch-to-the-gut observation. This boy at ten knows that life isn’t all Chuck E. Cheese, “Where a kid can be a kid.” This kid can’t. Not when he’s got bigger things on his mind.

Short post today and probably the only one for another week or so. I am exhausted and have not studied all weekend.

In other news my mileage for last week was 12 1/2 miles! I hope to hit 15 this week. One of my cousins who I had not seen in weeks said, “Wow! You look great!”

I thanked her and said, “It’s hard! I wish it were easy but it’s hard!” It is so so easy to give up, isn’t it? Man, oh man, if there were any a time where I feel like giving up, believe me, it has been a time for a while.

But I gotta keep thinking, one run at a time, one day at a time. Then all will be alright.





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