The Journaling Juxtaposition

The kids have been off of school for a week now and I am exhausted. Don’t get me wrong. I am enjoying our time off but if they don’t play outside, they drive each other nuts.

I was going through A’s writing journal from school and am so proud of her progress. She went from this at the beginning of the school year

to this just a few weeks ago


I cannot believe some of the stuff she wrote in there. Wait, I take it back. I can believe that she wrote all of this stuff in there. Good thing her teacher has come to know her personality very well over the last year.

Okay, the prompt was about Valentine’s Day so why is she complaining about her brother?


I wish George Washington was feeling good too.


Team Jacob?


I was not aware that we had a board game where one had to stretch a booger all the way to the number ten. That’s nice.


I like that she had to say she had proof that she actually fought the Dark Lord and survived. “My mom took pictures!”


Geez, tell the teacher I let you play LEFT FOR DEAD, why don’t you?


Afraid of clowns? Seems legit. I swear I did not let her watch Poltergeist. I won’t even watch Poltergeist!


Telling people we have a dog? That’s okay. Telling the teacher the dog pees in the house? So NOT okay.

4 thoughts on “The Journaling Juxtaposition

  1. Ha! My daughter has that Totally Gross game! She actually takes it to school when they have game day, the kids all love it (and it is actually educational).

    • As I get older, my tolerance to disgustingness has decreased. I won’t allow those “biological” words at the table during meals but eh, they can talk about boogers all they want afterward! Heck, they can play with them too but as long as they keep talking about them.

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