The Pacing Polarization

I have a confession. I cannot run on a treadmill.

I think you knew that already.

It’s too easy for me to quit on a treadmill. Oh no, I can’t run in a straight line. Oh no, I’m so tired. Oh no, I’m getting so sweaty. Oh no, I hate the TV monitor in front my face but I don’t want to turn it on so instead I’m watching my sweaty face bounce up and down in the reflection. Oh no, the lady next to me is running so fast I don’t think there’s enough electricity for both of our treadmills.

When I run outside, there is no quitting. I always have to run back to where I started. Reminds me of the joke we heard when we were kids.

“How far did the dog run into the forest?” “HALFWAY!”

The weather is getting very hot, very quickly. This morning the wind was still a little chilly to balance out the sun already working its magic.

L said we should bring her bike and the big dog. We walked to the nearby park and started to pick up the pace. We had a great run… for about twenty yards. I chuckled to myself. I knew better than to expect a two mile run today with those two. Still, we played at the nearby park for a little bit so I could do some circuit sets then we came back home.

I will try and squeeze a couple more runs of about two miles before Saturday’s 5K. If I don’t, well… that will still be okay with me. I am going to try and jog the whole thing without stopping. Why the hell not?

The only person who is going to tell me that I am jogging the thing too slow is myself. And I can easily shut her up with the promise of a blueberry scone afterwards.

Here is a pic of what A made for Father’s Day. The rest of the pics are from M’s “Understanding Figurative Language” booklet. I think he has a future with Stan Lee.







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