The Rocky Road Renormalization

My son M took a look at my notes. He learned the rock cycle this year and told me exactly what I spent ten minutes drawing. That’s nice.

Today was not so bad for the kids. We went to church but before mass ended, there was a special blessing for fathers which was really nice. There was also a musician who sang Danny Boy. I wish I could remember his name but his rendition was so beautiful I noticed that others were wiping their eyes as well during his song. He has sung all over the world, including the Vatican and the White House. He even worked with Mother Teresa.

I looked at M during this blessing and he froze like a deer in headlights. I knew he was thinking about how his dad should be there for the blessing.

The kids talked to him on the phone early this morning. R was telling the kids it was okay to go see a movie without him. L told him that she wanted to buy the book Breaking Dawn for him. Probably not the best choice for Daddy but it’s the thought that counts.

We watched Madagascar 3 and laughed for an hour and a half. M noticed all the dads with their kids though. Breaks my heart every time.

Last week the school’s PTA had their annual Donuts For Dads event and every year, because I usually volunteer, the board sneaks donuts to my kids even though their dad isn’t there. Very sweet and very touching gesture but last year I noticed that M just was not taking it well. So this year I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and arrived a little later to campus than we usually do. My friend on the PTA said she would have given them donuts but understood when I said, “He’s not taking it well.”

R drives himself crazy thinking about what effect his absence is having on the kids, especially the boy. I listen to his worries but I can’t really do much. All I can tell him is that his relationship with his kids is so wonderful considering the number of months he ISN’T here. I remind him that he’s lucky our kids are still young. A lot of sailors our age his age have kids who are in high school. I also remind him that he has the rest of his life to make up for it.

I remind him that he’s still here and didn’t die two years ago.

Thank God for that one.

Alright, kids, this is what I’ve been studying today: GEODYNAMICS. I will probably take a break tomorrow from taking more notes and studying what I have instead. You really don’t have to scroll and look at these notes unless the study of plate tectonics gets you in your core!







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