The Running NaNoWriMo Experiment

I went for a run with the big dog today. I was very wary about bringing him since he tends to take ME for a run but he was pretty good other than growling at every male that walked by and trying to smell every stroller coming our way: “No, Buddy. Those aren’t YOUR kids.”

I did two miles without stopping! I had to stop to clean up after the dog and wait for the light to turn green but other than that, I think I did really well. I would have gone further but the sun was scorching at nine in the morning. In fact, as I type right now, my shoulders are feeling a little sunburnt (sunburned?).

After three-quarters of a mile yesterday, I was gasping for air. I jogged at a very slow pace since my goal is jogging without stopping, not the time. Eh, once I can work up to a reasonable number of miles per week and do a 10K without blinking, I’ll start timing myself.

The race is in three weeks. I will try to try to hit the three mile mark by Tuesday.

One day, I won’t need to sign up for 5Ks to stick with a running program, to stick with better eating habits, and to make time for myself everyday. I just can’t do it without that deadline. I don’t know why. Looking back, November was one of my busiest months. I was training for my first 5K, my favorite Zumba instructor was out for several weeks for an injury, and I was trying to write a novel!

Maybe all of these promises that I try to make to myself, for myself, for our family, just are hypothetical without a tangible consequences like a $30 entry fee or a losing word count graph at the end of a NaNoWriMo month.

Still, thirty dollars every other month is a small price to pay for feeling the way I do today.

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