The Organic Corollary

I lost three pounds this week. I can’t say that I don’t know how it happened because I know exactly how…

* Reading foodie blogs are making me nervous about chemicals and preservatives in our food so we haven’t eaten out in two weeks.

* Cooking meat, even poultry, kind of makes me ill. Maybe I am just getting older or going hrough a phase but I’m listening to my body and trying to eat less meat. I will cook poultry for the kids but I won’t eat it.

* Drinking more water. Less diet soda.

* If I indulge in an afternoon coffee, then my body is telling me it’s full. I don’t know. Maybe my body has always told me these things but I never listened.

* The kids are snacking on fruits and veggies. Who knew? I hate celery with a passion and my husband sneaks it into the dishes he prepares. I tell him if I taste it I don’t want it; he has found the right amount of celery to add so I don’t get suspicious.

Yes, that’s celery! Ew!

* Not only have I been going to the gym several times a week, I have started walking. A friend and I walk to the Starbucks three miles away, stop for a coffee, and then walk the three miles back. I want to start jogging again so these walks are great.

* The price of organic milk is twice that of regular milk. I don’t even drink it because I am lactose intolerant but I wanted to introduce more organic products into our kitchen. I talked to R about the organic issue and while he believes that some of it may be blown out of proportion, we both believe that the only way to ensure truly organic produce is to grow it ourselves. I am not sure how we’d do that with our tiny backyard (this is California, after all) but I think that would be so fun to do next summer! Raise your hand if you want to watch our backyard turn into a garden!


* I bought all organic produce at a nearby grocery store that I rarely frequent because quite frankly, it is expensive. I did not buy meat or fish. I bought: fruit, milk, salad stuff, whole grain pastas, and a couple of Indian soup mixes. I also bought a loaf of fresh bread from their bakery and deli ham. Like R and I, our kids have never been big on sandwiches. They prefer bringing leftovers like chicken and rice (!) or pizza if we have extra slices but they loved their sandwiches today!

Once a month I buy stuff in bulk like meat, eggs, rice, frozen and canned veggies, etc. Once a week I have to replenish our fruit, milk, and eggs but our bill is usually half that! I figure though that we saved that much by NOT eating out so nectarines at a dollar a pop isn’t too bad, right?

* If there is anything I’ve learned this week is that real change has got to be gradual. If you change too many things at once, it won’t stick. Take this for example:

So um, this dish didn’t work out. We are all used to whole grain pastas, no problem there. The sauce is the most important part of the dish to the kids and they didn’t like the Trader Joe’s brand. Of course, they prefer Daddy’s sauce. Of course! The tofurkey Italian sausage was okay, too spicy for the kids.

Okay, I admit it. I hated it! I eat a lot of soy but this did not appeal to me. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow…

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