The Eighties Flashback

The eighties are back and as a child from the eighties, I never thought I’d say that again. Remember jelly shoes? I had to have the pink pair and when I finally got them, I wore them until they broke… despite the painful blisters that came with them.


Remember jelly bracelets?

By the way, did you know this about these sex bracelets jelly bracelets? Oh dear.

I loved watching the Snorks on Saturday mornings.


Remember how excited you were when Saved By The Bell aired?

I heart Zack Morris!

Can’t forget about Kids Incorporated either!

Speaking of Kids Incorporated, I knew I became a parent when I heard this song for the first time.

Back in the day, I would sing and dance along to Fergie.

Nope. Not this time. My first thought was, “Oh heck, no! My daughter is NOT going to listen to THAT!”

Very sad since back in the day I’d probably try to audition to be in the music video. My, how times have changed.

My, how I have changed!

For the Eighties Day at the kids’ school, M wanted to dress up, quite appropriately, as one of the Beastie Boys.


Here is A in an actual New Kids on the Block tee from one of their concerts! I went to two back in the nineties and went to two in the past few years. Those are actual teal leg warmers I found at a grocery discount store for a few bucks. I love them but have only worn them once in public and that was to the gym. I wore them during this past winter.


RIP Adam Yauch, 1964-2012


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