The Teacher Mommy Curse


The rules of the house are quite simple. No TV during the week. No video games during the week. Read everyday. Go outside and play everyday. Trying to limit fast food to once a week or even less. Save treats for Movie Night (setting up camp in the living room and watching DVDs on Friday nights). Milk everyday; soda for when we go out to eat. (The last one is tough to enforce with their grandma living around the corner and my brother telling them, “It’s okay. Don’t tell your mommy!” That’s nice.)

I do not mind the video games the kids play so long my husband has played them and deemed them appropriate for our children. Minecraft is one of those games.

I have not actually played Minecraft but some of my friends’ kids play it and love it. There is a lot of extensive detail to playing the game which I won’t go into here. I will say that there is a free version that M has been playing and loving.

So much that he would like the paid version if he once again receives straight A’s on his report card. That, we do not mind.

I did mind, however, when he came home from school today and asked me, “If I do all of my homework, can I play video games?”

I felt a power struggle being born.

The educator I am replied, “What do YOU think the answer is?”

“Why not?” he exploded to which I raised an eyebrow. “ALL OF MY FRIENDS get to play video games ALL WEEK!”

I breathed. Slowly. Purposefully. Remember, I said to myself, keep your cool. Do not engage in an argument or you lose, Mommy.

“What your friends do is irrelevant to what YOU do. How I raise you has nothing to do with how other parents’ raise their kids. Also, how many of your friends get straight A’s?”

He gave me a few names plus more of his friends who are trying to raise their grades to get the coveted straight A report card.

I asked, “How many of those kids get to play video games during the week?”

He thought about it and said, “I don’t really know. I didn’t ask.”

“ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS? ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS?” I asked in true Sheldon fashion from The Big Bang Theory. “ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS get to play video games all week?”

Source: Google

He smiled.

I added, “By the way, never start off saying ‘All of MY friends…’ because I can always find one of your friends who doesn’t.”

Such is the curse for having a teacher for a Mommy.


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