The Cardio Equation

All throughout our marriage, I would watch my husband eat thousands of calories of red meat and dairy and yet nary of the sweet sugary carbs I fall victim to. I would hear about which muscle sets he worked out that day. I would see his jeans get bigger and bigger around his shrinking waist, his wedding ring become two sizes too big around his shrinking finger.

Saw this at Disneyland a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t have one! Ahhh, the force is strong with me…

Meanwhile, here I am struggling to hit a comfortable weight after giving birth… only to get pregnant again when I finally reach it. Very fortunate twice over to be able to reach a goal and getting pregnant!

Don’t get me wrong. I am generally happy with the way I look but I strive towards where the pendulum swings onto the side of healthy eating and moving daily. When I do both, I am living the way I should be.

But I think I am looking at it all wrong.

My husband always said that I shouldn’t only do cardio. Lift weights. Stop eating sugar. All good advice that I follow.

When I do cardio for an hour, let’s say I burn 600 calories in Vanessa’s awesome Zumba class. I don’t know about you but when I go to the gym it takes almost an hour to get the kids ready and checked into the kids area. Then after the class, I do push-ups, abs, and then go home and shower. Yes, that’s another hour.

That’s three hours right there!

Let’s take the same three hour span of another fun activity: hanging out with friends. I could easily ingest a thousand calories, inflicting damage with a California-size burrito with all the fixings. And let’s be honest, once you wreak havoc on your body with salty and creamy and rich tastes, you’ll want something sweet to wash it all down. Soda and dessert are easily hundreds of calories more.

So the next time you invest three hours of your day for an hour of cardio, don’t think of it as burning 600 calories. Think of it as saving 2000!



I am not ingesting 250 calories of Starbucks; I am saving 500 by not having a bagel with cream cheese! Lol…

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