Thirteen and Dodging a Bullet

I accepted a sub job at the same high school for Monday despite feeling a bit empty, so empty that not even chocolate could fill the void.

Yesterday the teacher that I had subbed for three days in a row asked if I wouldn’t mind switching my sub job for his. Even with the handful of really loud, really disrespectful students in every class, the rest of the class genuinely wanted to be there and completed their in-class assignments.

Boy, am I glad I switched! The sub job I had originally been assigned did not have a prep period, meaning I would have taught 4 90-minute classes as opposed to the class I am in now where I only have 3!


Yesterday I watched a movie called Thirteen. Have you seen it? It is well-written and has great direction but the subject matter is not for the faint of heart.

Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, wrote the screenplay with Nikki Reed when she was only thirteen. Thirteen is based on Reed’s life, one that was tumultuous and laden with drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity. In the movie and perhaps also in real life, the character based on Reed has a mother who is struggling with addiction. Nikki Reed later went on to play Rosalie in the Twilight franchise.

I do not judge those who have led this lifestyle but I fear for those who discover this at an early age for whatever reason. I do not want to give away what happens but I brace in fear that our children may one day face these decisions.

If you have seen this movie, what did you think? Do you think this is a movie you could watch with your children and talk to them about it? I welcome all suggestions and all advice!

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