Have You Da Wing?

On Wednesday, we met with a priest from our parish who was once a chaplain for the US Army.

On Thursday, we turned in required paperwork including witness testimonies.

On Friday, at 3:00 pm, our wedding began. We said our vows, both a little teary. Then it happened. We were unprepared.

The priest asked, “Do you have the rings?”

R and I looked at each other in total and utter shock. My friend S, who stepped in as a witness when my mother stepped out to answer a phone call (oh, those elderly Filipinas and their cell phones on speaker!), tried not to crack up since she was there to see the looks on our faces.

I wear the ring R bought for our tenth anniversary. He doesn’t wear his for a number of reasons. Sometimes it fits him, sometimes it doesn’t. He doesn’t want it to get scratched when he works out. Needless to say, he was not wearing it now.

What would we do? We only had one ring and I was already wearing it?



I bought this five dollar Hello Kitty ring a few months ago and put it on just before we left for the church. I thought it was just enough BLING for an understated wedding.

I took it off quickly and looked questioningly at the priest. He said quietly, “That will do.” I widened the adjustable prongs of the ring for R’s fingers.

Both of the rings were blessed. He put my anniversary ring on my finger. I fought hard not to giggle while putting this ring on his finger.

Sure, we had a thirty hour notice for the wedding and yes, we kind of forgot about the ring part, but there is not a single thing I would change about the wedding.

It was perfect.


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