The Rare Splurge

When I was a kid, I remember trips to Disneyland included the rice cooker. Yes, we brought the rice cooker, leftovers, and bags and bags of fruit. Don’t get me wrong. We still had treats and probably a meal at the happiest place on earth but most of the food came from home.

And what a brilliant idea that was. I did not bring our rice cooker this week but I packed Pop Tarts, chips, protein bars, and bought fruit from a stand on the side of the road.

We bought our 3 day park hopper passes for $99 and staying at the Disneyland Hotel for three nights was at a great military discount. R and I did not even want to eat at the Rainforest Cafe because instead of a breathtaking recreation of a rainforest and lavish aquariums, we saw dollar signs. But we did anyway. M had heard about the Rainforest Cafe from a friend and once the girls saw the inside of the restaurant, it was all over.

And once we saw the looks on the kids’ faces, it was all over for us too. That was the theme for our vacation.

We are not fancy schamncy folks. We do not go out to eat often and when we do, it is usually a fast food joint. I admit I do love pretty things and purses with the letter C embossed everywhere, but those treats are few and far between. Even when it came time to souvenir shopping, the kids chose one each.

We splurged for our vacation, a small price to pay for living frugally the rest of the year and a quiet celebration of R’s accident two years ago that quite frankly, was a blessing in disguise.







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