Back to the Future

The phone rang with potential sub jobs even while we were at the happiest place on earth. Life goes on outside the realm of Disney. Last night I asked my husband if I should take a job for Friday.

Why not? We had a full day’s rest and while still mentally exhausted, hanging out with high schoolers all day would be a breeze compared to three kids at Disneyland for three days.

Apparently the entire district is exhausted too having gone through three days of testing. Many teachers are out today and I am even covering for another class during a prep period.

But I don’t mind. I will probably show movies all day with the suggestions of sympathetic collegues. They know it sucks to be a sub sometimes, being without plans and not knowing what sort of class behavior you’ll see for the next seven hours.

I looked down at my DVD choices. Freedom Writers. Uh, no. Ever noticed how teachers who have written books about their inner city teaching experience or other “difficult” situation are no longer teaching? Posers!

Hairspray with John Travolta. Sixteen Candles. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

(All can be found cheap, at

Here is actual conversation from this morning.

Me: “I can show Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?”
Teacher 1: “Well, technically they are not approved but…”
Teacher 2: “You can’t show Sixteen Candles! There are boobies!”
Teacher 1: “It says PG.”
Teacher 2: “Movie standards from the eighties weren’t as strict.”
Me: “I LOVE the eighties!”
All: “Me too!” (sigh)

[Before you comment on how much the American education system sucks, please keep in mind that this does not happen everyday and I do not plan on showing Sixteen Candles. I as a sub, former educator, and parent am aware how the system can be improved and am taking steps to ensure this through voting, being part of the “village” that helps raise our youth, and participating in PTA events. Thank you.]

I woke up this morning, kissed my husband, and got ready for work. The kids woke up, excited conversations and giggles in the air. Pets woke up, eager to be fed and cuddled.

What a wonderful way to start the day. Fast forward about a year from now and this will happen daily.

[Note: Right before class started another teacher brought the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird”, a story the students just finished reading, and directions to just show a movie. I was not satisfied with students just sitting there so they got an assignment, created by yours truly.]



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