Without Daddy

The kids will tell Daddy all about it tomorrow after the Easter egg hunt at church. Daddy will close his eyes imagining the smiles on their faces, their jittery anticipation of finding candy encased in plastic eggs. How beautiful our little girls were in their Easter dresses. How handsome our growing son was despite the scowl on his face after I made him wear a sweater vest to church. I will tell him how much the fun had the kids had but not too much to make him sad, realizing that it is another holiday he won’t get back.

It won’t matter how much I downplay what we did; it will still be another holiday without Daddy.



L is not smiling. Trying to be serious, I guess…

Smiling only because our friend AB said “POOP”.

A and our friend AB. Our friend AB is an awesome second grade teacher and when she finally starts posting all of her cool ideas, I will let you know. She’s got a really huge plan to kick-off her school’s upcoming state tests. I hope I can watch it in person!

M, trying to make a silly pose so I won’t take a pic. He actually wrote the word “POOP” on his egg. That’s nice.


Panko parmesan asparagus. Pretty good but highly recommend maybe a lemon dipping sauce to go with it. Recipe can be found here.

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