Cheaper Than Therapy

My husband tried to talk me into it earlier this month. I refused.

Vanity is a slippery slope; one that I know too well.

It was vanity that got me into thousands of dollars in debt just out of college. New outfits, new shoes, new make-up. I wanted to look good. I wanted to look hot. I HAD to.

After years of scrimping, I did get rid of my debt but I do feel the need to beautify myself once in a while. It is easy to ignore once you become a mother. Most of your actions, if not all, are for the babies. No time to get my hair styled. No money for a pedicure. I am thinking of our kids dammit.

Alas, I could not ignore the call this afternoon. It started so innocently on a bike ride with L this afternoon. A bike ride to this…


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