Love Is All Around, Day 3

We need you to come back for more tests.

Really? Is there something wrong?

It seems like one of the tests came back positive for a genetic disorder. Do genetic disorders run in either of your families?

I spoke of a second cousin who had some sort of genetic disorder but could not remember the name. He mentioned two second cousins who were born with Down’s.

There may be a chance that the baby has a genetic disorder called … Babies born with this rarely live longer than four months. I remembered she said that there are other options.

I knew which one she was referring to.

Absolutely not.

I am adamantly pro-choice but I knew with all my heart that that was not a choice for me.

Disbelief. Stunned. Silence.


She said to him, “I don’t care. It is our baby. OUR baby that is already inside me. The baby is ours. The baby is already perfect.”

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