Love Is All Around, Day 2

She had a feeling about this visit. It wasn’t just because the next step of his journey would determine the course of their love affair. To her, being stationed overseas meant an inevitable end. To her, being stationed across the country could mean the same thing.


She had no qualms about moving across the country for him. No reservations whatsoever. The career she just began would be on hold. Who knows for how long?

Even though she had an inexplicable, wonderful feeling about him, she couldn’t do all of that without something more.

It would be a hard life, he warned.

She knew that. Life was hard anyway, no matter what.

She was ready.

He was too.

He showed just how ready by walking along the wharf hand in hand as they had done dozens of times. He kept putting his hands in his pocket, fumbling around for the trillion diamond ring he bought the month before.

They left the wharf engaged to be married, commtted to make their relationship last, and ready for whatever stood in their way.

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