Love Is All Around, Day 1

I have never been a “big gesture” kind of girl. I never wanted giant bouquets of flowers, huge teddy bears on my doorstep, or even a lavish marriage proposal.

Flowers die. Eventually. I can’t even keep house plants alive, let alone those tiny rosebud plants that are everywhere during the month of February.

Teddy bears are kinda cheesy to me. I am even eyeing some of the stuffed animals upstairs in the kids’ rooms. These animals WANT to go to charity. It is in their destiny. Really.

As far as marriage proposals go, ours was perfect, thankyouverymuch, in that it involved us.

Don’t get me wrong. I DID get some nice bling for our tenth wedding anniversary. I wouldn’t give it back for anything.

But still, planning spectacular dates, particularly Valentine’s Day, implies that love is only around that day instead of every day.

Now I’m not criticizing you if this is what you prefer. We all like different things as further explained by the following list:

How does he show me he loves me?
* I say, “I’m having a bad day.” His responses have included the following: “Get a pedicure.” “Go to Starbucks. I’ll watch the kids.” “I’ll cook dinner. You go ahead and get something for yourself out in town by yourself.”
* I say, “I want to [insert activity here that may cost some money or take time away from family] with…/by myself.” He agrees.
* I want any combination and number of pets and he begrudgingly approves because he knows how happy they woild make me/the kids.
* He doesn’t laugh at me when I am having a dumbass moment.
* On Taco Bell nights when I don’t want to partake, he will get me a large diet Coke anyway.
* He makes sure there is an emergency chocolate bar in the pantry, out of view from the kids, and only for me. Oh, and it’s always Cadbury milk chocolate, no nuts.
* He won’t tell me right away if I snore so I won’t be embarassed. He’ll bring it up later. Way later.
* One of my hobbies is Random Dancing. He joins me even though he hates dancing.
* No sexting for us but we are goofy with technology. Case in point: he was jonesing for some fried chicken and when he found a KFC, he sent me a pic of a bronze statue. Yep, it was the Colonel. Yep, it kinda freaked me out for a sec.
* We still hold hands, even in public. Even when we are watching a movie on TV.
* He has never discouraged me from anything I have wanted to do. Except for sewing on account of the sewing incident when I was seven months pregnant with the first which resulted in me calling 911. Except for having a fourth baby. Okay, except for those two things.
* He agreed to geobachelorhood until retirement.

And the list goes on and on. So maybe I am NOT a “big gesture” kind of girl. That’s okay. Everything my husband does feels like a big gesture.

Do you love big gestures? What was your favorite V Day date? What are your plans for V Day?

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