Life is a Marathon

Or at least in our case, a 5K.

My husband ran a 5K last Saturday in Texas. He ran alongside other patients from his rehab hospital who like him, were wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan. Many were missing limbs and getting used to their new bodies. I am quite certain that all finished what they started.

Needless to say, R is sore and developed a blister while running but at least he is still there and doctors and therapists can make suggestions or adjustments as needed. He’s got a week left there and it will be back to Virginia.

It will be a few months before R can fly back out to see us and as disappointing that may be, his flights back to California are numbered. One day soon he will be able to look at his airline ticket and it will say “ONE WAY”.

I am giddy with excitement. It may seem like a long way off and a year definitely is a long time. After eleven years of marriage, I look forward to sleeping in the same time zone, let alone in the same bed. I do anticipate blips in the adjustment period but eh, we will be fine.

Life may be a marathon and not a sprint but Saturday will feel like the longest sprint of my life. I was so excited to do a 5K last November and jogged the entire way. I signed up for another one for this Saturday. I know I have indulged this past Christmas season and have not been consistent with my running schedule unless running to the bathroom counts. In which case, I have that down pat.

All I know is that I signed up, I will start it, and I will finish it.

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