Craft Vomit: Secret Hideout & Fascinator Experiments

I admit that I have a problem. I am addicted to Pinterest. I make stuff and I show everyone I know. Not only that, I highly recommend the damn website to strangers.

It’s embarassing.

But not really because for the first time, I feel like the house is cozier and without spending a lot of money we don’t have. My hands are too busy making stupid crepe paper roses for me to snack after the kids go to bed. The kids look forward to what I make out of recyclables and sometimes even partake in all of the craftiness.

For weeks my middle daughter A has been asking me when I was going to make a house out of the huge cardboard box in the garage. I put it off for a long time for every reason in the book. The playroom wasn’t clean enough to bring in yet another “thing”. I was too tired. I didn’t want to use boxcutters around the kids.

Yesterday while the older two were in school I lugged that ginormous box upstairs and just as I got to THE TOP STEP of the stairs I lost my grip and the entire thing slid down the stairway and collapsed in the kitchen. Thank goodness my youngest daughter L and the dogs were in the living room, probably scared off by my swearing and shrieks.

After I finally got the damn thing up the stairs, I didn’t measure anything except to make sure that the skinny mattress cardboard box expanded to make a large rectangle and not some random quadrilateral. I planned on cutting the top to make a pointed roof but made a skylight instead. Nothing fancy, just duct taped the top together to make L-shapes to make it sturdier. I cut out two heart windows on two sides that are too high for them to look through but perfect for Mommy to peek in whenever they are being “too quiet”. I made a door wide enough for me to pass through (because of course I’m going to get so chocolate wasted in there after the kids go to bed) and windows on two of the sides. The fourth side I left alone. Then I reinforced everywhere I cut with duct tape that we had from other projects.

The reaction from each child was so worth it. The older two came home from school having stayed indoors all day because of the rain. They were ecstatic. I let them play in it for an hour before starting their homework.

One reaction that was not surprising happened on Sunday when my daughters sported their new headbands complete with fake birds in a nest of tulle designed by yours truly. Occasionally we go to our neighborhood donut shop before church and the owner was happy to see the girls again after a much needed hiatus of those sugary confectons.

“I like your headband,” the owner said. “How did you make it?” she asked my middle daughter A.

A leaned forward and pointed to the headband. She said, “Well, first my mom killed a bird…”

Accessories from the Dollar Tree? One dollar (duh).

Ribbon? $2.

Tulle? $3.

Not feeling embarassed over what your daughter says to strangers because YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE HER SENSE OF HUMOR COMES FROM? Priceless.

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