Craft Vomit: The truth about rosettes

So I saw on Pinterest this gorgeous wreath made from pages of a book. Naturally I was horrified to know that a book was destroyed but at the same time it is a wonderful homage to literature in albeit peculiar way.

A few nights ago I was ready to make the wreath. Had a Gossip Girl novel that I found at the Dollar Tree in hand, ready to be sacrificed. I made rosettes for what seemed like hours.

By the end of the evening, I had seventeen rosettes.

Yes, seventeen.

No one quantifies these beautiful crafts. Of course not. You do not want to know that seventeen rosettes, made seventeen different ways, made half of one circle on my twelve inch wreath.

No, not half of one wreath. HALF OF ONE ROW. A full size wreath has, and I am eyeballing it here, about nine rows give or take rows depending on how big you make your rosettes.

Alas, I did NOT make (um, 17 x 2 x 9…) 306 rosettes. I cheated. And I love it.

I love cheating, especially if no one can tell (I am talking about wreaths, people). I love that I make tons of mistakes when I do crafts and I either move on or fix it.

I had five rows of rosettes before I finally said, “Forget it!” I cut book pages into strips and covered the rest of the wreath with said strips. (I’m giggling right now.)

So yes, wreaths are beautiful. But may I make some suggestions before you venture on this craft?

Suggestions from a disgruntled wreath maker
1. Always camo your wreath before you begin. If you are sticking beautiful red roses on your wreath, wrap the damn thing in red ribbon first before you drive yourself mad with the original color of the wreath peeking through no matter how many damn roses you glue on there.

2. You should always practice what you are going to make before you make anything permanent. If you have seven jumbo rosettes and the rest are way smaller, for goodness sakes, use the jumbo ones. Group them together or space them out.

3. Accept the fact that unless you have hours upon hours in one day to spend on a rosette wreath, you WILL NOT finish quickly. If you do, then your name must be Martha Stewart or you are just THAT good. In any case, Ms. Stewart or Ms./Mr. Awesome Crafter, please subscribe to my blog and share with your famous friends.

4. Do what works for you. I worked on the wreath in phases over the past few days for two very important reasons: (a) I wanted to see progress because I was GETTING SO TIRED and (b) I didn’t know I would have to make a thousand of those damn rosettes. By the end of six rows on the wreath, I was done and um… modified the wreath a bit.

Good luck to you and I can’t wait to see yours! The rosette tutorial can be found here.

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