This week’s Craft Vomit

2 Dollar Tree foam boards glued together. Covered with IKEA fabric on clearance ($3/yard). Glued clothespins and string to the back so I could easily move it left to right without getting to technical with measurements.

Large two buck frame from Goodwill. Prime & spray paint. Took off back. Wrote directly on the glass with a paint marker. The top two lines are our birthdays, then our anniversary, followed by the kids' birthdays.

Don’t ask me why I decided to tag all of my crafty posts with “Craft Vomit”. It was Christmas and I was looking at all of the stuff I was making and I thought, “Gosh, it looks like Michael’s threw up in our house.”

It works. I’ll keep it.

Dollar Tree Owl painted with nail polish, DT headband covered in ribbon, tulle, and a feather boa I bought from Express from... wait for it... the 90s! I will wear this to church on Sunday if it doesn't rain. This owl is NOT waterfproof.

Dollar frame from Goodwill. Cleaned up chips with black Sharpie. Added hooks, painted hooks & keys in frame with nail polish.

In the meantime, I have been a little frantic with the craftiness. I love the creativity on Pinterest and think, “Wow! I want to do that too!”

Pack of 6 door hangers from Wal-Mart. Color coded for each kid. Paint chips for chores. Separate door hanger for morning and afternoon routines. Keep track of list with clothespin. Nag-free mornings all week!

But my mind takes it a step futher. Several dozen times.

Sometimes I start a craft and I think I'll be done quickly. Crepe paper roses are fast to make but take SO FREAKING long to accumulate. Actually paper rose anything takes too long. The end result is quite pretty though. I will never buy a foam ball ever again. I will use rolled up plastic bags and cover with strips of magazines.

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