Running in Circles

R has been in San Antonio for almost two weeks for physical therapy. Last week he was skeptical about his new cast because he couldn’t run in it.

Um, you’ve only had it a week.

When he called tonight, he was exhausted. He. Did. Sprints.


AND he signed up for a 5K for ten days from now! What?!

OMG. I guess I needed a huge sign to hurry up and sign up for this month’s 5K.

I do need focus right now. I’ve been jumping from one thing to another since he left. Pinterest has got me addicted to making stuff. The kids have me busy, period. While I am being selective about what sub jobs I take, I am really lazy by the time I get home from work. Too lazy to do laundry. Too lazy to straighten up.

Thank goodness for frozen pizzas from Trader Joe’s.

Too lazy to upload the pics of my latest paint projects: 2 corkboards, 3 frames, and 2 mirrors. They are so cute! Okay, so I haven’t even taken the pics yet. Tomorrow. After work. (Doh.)

Hmmm… another 5K and so soon after the holiday gluttony? Maybe a 5K will give me direction, a routine, and another goal to work towards. I don’t mind if I am running in circles; I am just happy I’m still in the race.

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