Craft Vomit: Cute mirror and a lesson in DIY oven burner cleaner

Do you remember this mirror?

It looked like this, before primer and violet spray paint. Again, I will soften the edges with a little bit of silver paint.

I found the mirror at Goodwill for five bucks but it was half-off for the day-after-Christmas sale. It was only two dollars and fifty cents!

I have a really disgusting oven. The burners are so gross that I will not even take a picture of them. I tried this tutorial I found on Pinterest but it didn’t work on our disgusting burners.

So now I am in the middle of my second attempt. Some of the comments suggested laying some paper towels soaked in ammonia underneath the burners, setting them horizontally, and even allowing the burners to sit in ammonia for several days.

I did all of the above and went a step further by putting each ziplock bag in another plastic bag, and putting these plastic bags in a larger garbage bag… but only because there were leaks that lead to this:

Ammonia was trapped under my ring and started to burn through my skin. Like a dumbass I ignored it because I thought that the plastic bags were cutting through my skin.

Nope, it was ammonia eating through my skin. All that’s left is a scar.

So me being me, I started thinking…

-Love, like a scar, lasts forever.
-Man, Voldemort has got nothing on ammonia!
-Wear gloves or you’ll catch ammonia.
-All is fair in Pinterest and scar.
-I logged onto Pinterest and all I got was this lousy scar.
-Look! I made a scar! Well, Pin It then!
-Ammonia gonna pin one more thing, I promise!
-Voldemort, you don’t keep your nose clean with that DIY burner cleaner! Oops. Too late.
-Harry Potter and I are both scarred for life.
-Yes, I’m not wearing my wedding ring. No, we are not getting a divorce. Amonnia just giving my finger some air.

That’s it. If you needed more proof that I was a goofball, here it is. And remember, always use precautions when using chemicals AND TAKE OFF YOUR RINGS!

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