Celebrating the days of Advent: 12/7- 12/23

A wonderful homecoming for all soldiers flying in that evening.

We have gotten a bit behind. We had to pick up someone from the airport last Friday.

Kids' signs say "Daddy". Mine says, "Any sailor will do."

A gift from the Patriot Riders

Back of the tag

Typically, Advent colors are Deep Purple & Rose which are represented by the Advent Candles. However, our priest is starting a new tradition changing Deep Purple to BLUE to better reflect the Advent spiritual season in which we are all JOYFULLY anticipating Christ’s Birth. Mary is the Patronness of Advent and her color is also BLUE.

There were many days we did not have time to complete each task on the chain. We finished activities on different days that were suggested and there were a few things could not do for various reasons (i.e. missing the mass on the Holy Day of Obligation).

But our children eagerly anticipated each activity. We reflected as a family what it meant to love, to give, to forgive, and to think of others’ daily and often.

They still believe in Santa. But they also know that giving is more meaningful than getting.

Mission accomplished.

11/27- Light the 1st Candle on your Advent Wreath.
11/28- Write “I Love You” notes to your parents and hide them under their pillows.
11/29- Offer to set the table for dinner.
11/30- Ask a parent for permission to make popcorn for your family.
12/1- Look up at the wonder of the night sky tonight and say thanks to God.
12/2- Be nice to someone you do not like a lot.
12/3- Offer to say grace at mealtime. Suggest your family hold hands around the table while you say it.
12/4- Light 2 candles on your Advent Wreath.
12/5- Clean your bedroom without being asked.
12/6- Read about Saint Nicholas, whose feast day is today.
12/7- Make a Christmas card for your favorite teacher and give it to them.
12/8- Go to church as a family for the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Holy Day of Obligation).
12/9- Make a special ornament for each family member from old Christmas cards.
12/10- Get a Christmas story or poem from the library and read it to your family.

12/11- Light 3 candles on your Advent Wreath.
12/12- Make a Christmas card for an elderly neighbor.
12/13- Mail the card you made yesterday and say a prayer for your neighbor.
12/14- Practice singing Christmas carols.
12/15- Cut out lace paper snowflakes for your window.
12/16- Offer to help in wrapping presents.
12/17- Suggest making Christmas cookies as a family.

12/18- Light 4 candles on your Advent Wreath.
12/19- Say a prayer for all the world’s hungry people.
12/20- Make hot chocolate as a family
12/21- Take some Christmas cookies to a sick or elderly friend
12/22- Hug everyone in your family today.
12/23- Invite your family for a winter walk and afterwards praise God for winter gifts.
12/24- Read Luke 2:-1-20 with your family and then set up your Christmas Creche/ Nativity Scene.

12/25- Light all your candles and the white one on your Advent Wreath. Celebrate a joyful Christmas by going to mass.

This activity is from this link at Catholic Mom.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the days of Advent: 12/7- 12/23

  1. What a WONDERFUL Idea! I love the things on the list… many of them are simple but meaningful and really reinforce the message that “giving” is very often in the little things of life. …Setting the dinner table without being asked etc.
    Hope you have a brilliant family time, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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