Craft Vomit: DIY Giant Letter Photo Collage

Just add glossy Modge Podge.

This week that is my motto.

Giant letter from Joanne’s. Copies of family pics on regular printer paper, ran through my copier/printer. Patience.

You should always read comments and suggestions before attempting a craft. I starting cutting up real photos (extras, mind you) in the shape of the letter…

And then I read that one DIY-er made black and white copies of pics because it’s way easier to manipulate the paper onto the letter. Duh.

Then I realized that I can take the same pictures that I cut up and recreate another letter T on canvas! Hmmm… Will do that one tonight.

Hint: Do the front of the letter first and don't be afraid to let larger photos fold over the side. When you go around curves, cut small slits in your paper to avoid wrinkling. Ahhh... perfect!

So many projects, so little time. I have to hurry up and do as many as I can before I run out of gas.

Or Modge Podge.

I found this tutorial here at Transforming Home. Follow me at “Almalynn” on Pinterest and I will follow you back.

5 thoughts on “Craft Vomit: DIY Giant Letter Photo Collage

  1. How tall and wide is the letter please?
    I love the idea but would have to make a letter by hand from wood (…no “Joanne’s” in The Netherlands).This would be brilliant for Kiwi Daughter’s room.

  2. the letters are about 2 inches thick, can go up to 2 feet tall and about 1-1/2 to 2 feet wide…the one’s from joanne’s are basically just cardboard

  3. DId you find that the Mod Podge made the pictures turn to a pinkish color when you went over them. I found that the black ran a little.

    • Hi Wendy! I didn’t have any problems with discoloration. Pink? Hmmm… I learned the hard way that you were supposed to use regular photocopies as opposed to real pictures. I wonder if anyone else had the same issues. I hope it didn’t ruin your project!

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