Celebrating the days of Advent: 12/2

We live on a quiet cul de sac with fifteen houses, about two dozen children, and a bazillion felines and canines. Not to mention the actual farm at the end of the road with actual cows and actual horses. [Can I just tell you how scary it is to hear a cow moo for the first time in the middle of the night? It sounds like a Scooby Doo show when those darn kids realize that the ghost making those eerie sounds was actually Old Man Jenkins!]

Life in a cul de sac hangs on a very delicate balance. Which kids rule? Who has been here the longest? Which mom bakes the best cookies? (Um. That would be MOI.)

Imagine my surprise when last week the three kids across the street told the middle daughter A that they did not want to play with her anymore.

Excuse me? Did I just not bring candy AND lumpia AND cupcakes to you and your family on Halloween?

[Yes, I sheepishly admit I thought it but I did not say it out loud to A. I don’t think.]

And while middle daughter A is admittedly sassy, she is the most loyal friend anyone will ever have.

Needless to say she was heartbroken. I suspect that maybe one day she accidentally ignored them when they said hi or most likely, that day she was hanging out with her older brother and another kid from his class who is usually nice one-on-one but watch out if you get on his bad side. He will truly make your life a living hell so most kids in his class, including my own, make an effort to play with him. Sad that they have to learn the old adage, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” at such a young age.

Later we went to the gym and after I picked the kids up from the play area, A was so happy and even turned to wave good-bye to a little girl she was playing with.

A said, “She is my new friend! Now I only need to make two more friends!”

Ahhh… how sad. She “lost” three friends and felt like she needed to replace them with that exact number.

I asked her (and I wonder why she is so sassy), “So what if you meet a lot of new friends? You only will have room for two more friends?”

She gave me a Look. Yep, she has the Teacher Look down. Or the Mommy Look. I use them synonymously I can’t tell which one I am using.

So when we helped the lead teacher of our children’s ministry get the Advent paper chains together, A noticed this particular one right away. In the midst of our glueing and cutting marathon, she said that she was going to “talk to those kids across the street”.

Be nice to someone you don’t like a lot

"I know that you do not like me a lot I am just so sad that you do not like me a lot I just want to"

"say hi but you wuld not like it marry christmas! I love you! you love whith hart I'm so sorry. you love whith star"

This activity is from this link at Catholic Mom.

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