Celebrating the days of Advent: 11/29

I recently went to pick up a few Christmas presents from a Christian store and um… I was a little bothered that there were several statues of Santa Claus carrying Baby Jesus. I mean, I know I am not the bestest Catholic ever and until this year my children (yes, I am going to admit this, eek!) thought Advent calendars were just for eating chocolate but that concept of the red Coca-Cola Santa carrying the baby is a bit too much for me.

But I will say that it isn’t a Texas Christmas without a plastic, lighted Nativity scene on your lawn. When we were stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, there were at least two on every block! Really! And as much as I thought those too were tacky, I told my husband that he absolutely HAD TO GET ONE when he goes to San Antonio next month to get his new leg brace. What can I say? Those displays have grown on me, they remind me of Texas (yeah, that and 3 liter bottles of soda, I kid you not) and now I kinda want one. Can anyone in Texas save one for us?

A couple of months ago R went to San Antonio to get fitted for a new leg brace and he gets it after the New Year. He’ll be there for a month getting adjustments made and going through P/T.

I asked him what he thought of his new brace and do you know what he said?

He said, “It is so awesome. I feel like I am cheating when I have it on.”

OMG. (I probably said that too.) I said, “Uh… no. That’s how badly you were injured! You feel like any extra help is cheating!”

Anyway, not only do we have the paper chain counting the days of Advent but we have a 3-D one made with lamb characters (!), another with Bible verses behind each day, and the all too familiar chocolate Advent calendars (one for each kid). Unfortunately the other ones do not start until December 1st but I look forward to sharing this reinvented tradition with the kids.

Offer to set the table for dinner

They usually do this anyway but it was nice that I didn’t have to tell them although the oldest said, “It [the paper chain] only says to OFFER, not ACTUALLY DO IT.” That’s nice.

This activity is from this link at Catholic Mom.

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