Countdown to Daddy

Tick tock, tick tock…

“When is Daddy coming home?” “How many more days until Daddy gets here?” “Can I go on the trampoline with Daddy?”

The kids and I have been so excited for R’s next visit, even more so when we booked the flight so that every day there was a new, smaller number until Daddy flew back home.

This morning L woke up and asked if we were going to the airport now.

“No, dude,” I said (yes, I sometimes address my kids as Dudes). “Tonight when it gets dark.”

I planned on letting the kids have Movie Night which is code for “the one night a week Mommy lets us pig out on junk food, sleep in the living room, and stay up as late as we want (or 9 pm, whichever comes first).”

I even sat with the kids in our unheated-on-purpose living room and watched Goosebumps to keep them awake. I wanted them to stay up late so Daddy could sleep in tomorrow morning.

“Mommy, I don’t think I can stay awake.” “I think I’m sleeping now.” Those were from the older two. The youngest passed out at 8:30 pm, a new late record for her.

“What? You guys don’t want to watch a movie? How about WII?”

They groaned.

Whoa. So they fell asleep at 9-ish, snoring in time with the dogs’ snoring. Even that damn chiweenie was tired. She gave up trying to wake the youngest after a few minutes and slept next to her.

Here are some of the things I Google’d while they were sleeping:

– “piano sheet music free adele someone like you”
– “b-52s love shack video”
– “freddie mercury”
– “starbucks 24 hour drive thru locations”

Starbucks is not open 24 hours in our town and I was exhausted. Drive thru closed at 11:00 pm. R’s flight does not land until 12:05 am. Yes, AM.

Yikes! It was 10:30 pm!

I recently realized that I have always had “senior moments”; they were just called “dumbass moments”. How hard could putting three sleeping kids in a car be?

The tallest one went first, still wrapped in his blanket. I realized that if he comes up to my nose in height it will be extremely difficult to maneuver his long limbs.

Then the middle went next. And finally the baby.

All strapped in. All wrapped in the blanket they fell asleep in. Yes, the car was in the garage and the garage was still closed.

Doh, gotta put the dogs in the garage.

Came back to the youngest wide awake, doing the potty dance in her carseat.

Double yikes.

Luckily she took care of business and we were off with twenty minutes to spare at SB for a delicious hot venti soy peppermint mocha, no whipped.

Only they ran out of soy milk (who is lactose intolerant? this gal) and had only enough to make a tall one so would it be alright if they made me a smaller size on the house?

Ooh la la! Thank you!

So now I am sitting in the car with the sound of three snoring children and the clickity clack of my laptop with about fifteen minutes before R lands.

Yes, I have been eating Nutter Butters like they are going out of style. I made fifty reindeer cookies and thirty-five pilgrim hat cookies so oops. (I’ll post pics soon.)

Yes, I have 25K words to write in the next 12 days.

Yes, I will probably skip Zumba tomorrow morning.

But you will not hear or read any complaints from me. This is exactly where I want to be right here at this very moment. Even if I was having a senior moment and wore flip flops instead of Uggs in 40 degree weather. Even if the oldest woke up to complain that his sister’s head kept leaning on him for twenty minutes.

If you’ll excuse me, there’s a sailor waiting for me at Terminal A…

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