11/15 = 5K + 50K

As you have probably guessed this month, no news means bad news! I am unapologetically behind on everything in my life. I am 8K behind on my word target goal. I have not exercised in a week and even went to… (gasp) McDonalds the other day for dinner. Tonight I updated my Facebook status and watched Glee AND New Girl instead of writing.

But oh, if these are the woes of my life, then I have no complaints whatsoever.

There is a something burning inside of me that’s keeping me going. No, it’s not my appendix bursting and ew, no, I don’t need a cream for it.

I haven’t given up on myself. I ran a little over a mile on the treadmill and walked another half a mile. In fact, I felt like a badass because I whipped off my Navy hoodie WHILE I was running. I even got my ass kicked afterward by taking Vanessa’s Zumba class.

While I haven’t been writing my novel per se, I’ve been doing a lot of outlining, asking myself questions that readers would ask, and trying to put all of my main characters in mortal danger. I don’t include those ten pages of notes in my word count. If I did it would probably add another 10K but I want these 50K words on November 30 to be 50K words that I actually want to reread and edit one day, not 50K words that I want to hide in the hard drive of my laptop.

And yes, I did have fast food the other day but I really only crave Micky D’s once a month if you know what I mean.

So yes, I’m behind but I’m not out of the race!

OMG, the 5K is in FIVE DAYS and even more nerve-wracking, more exciting, more breath-taking, and more nuts?


Nope, no complaints from me.

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