11/8 = 5K + 50K

I’m in the second day of a sub job. Here are signs that I am where I need to be right now:

  1. Subbing at the junior high where my kids will be going and these junior high kids are actually pretty nice. Yes, I’m shocked.
  2. Subbing PE and “powerwalked” with first period. Thirty seventh graders walked the track while I jogged behind them yelling, “If I pass you, it’s a bad sign! Don’t let an old lady beat you!” I jogged half a mile then walked another quarter of a mile. It was pretty hilarious to hear, “AAAARGH! She’s coming!” and “WHAT THE HECK? SHE’S RUNNING?!” With the two other periods, I walked two miles! Wow! Getting paid to exercise? Yes please!
  3. The second activity I had to do with each class was show an edited-for-school version of “Supersize Me”. So I admit I crave a Big Mac about once a month but the vomit scene was NOT edited out. Thank you, Morgan Spurlock, for leading me from temptation this week. No thanks to his editing team because of the part where he mentioned his groin area did not feel normal. He even said “penis”! Yeah, try being a sub for thirty junior high kids when that word gets said. (I ignored the word AND them.)
  4. Some kid asked me before class if I was the… get this… TA! Teacher’s assistant! I said, “What? As in another junior high kid?” He replied, “Yeah.” Me: “THANKS!”
  5. The other PE teachers are amazing and very helpful.
  6. One of these teachers just did the Tough Mudder up in northern California! Wow! She has one of those push-cart things because she got a cast on her leg removed but not because of the race. She had surgery the next day for a previous injury. I told her R did the race too and how I was inspired to run a 5K soon and perhaps try the Tough Mudder in a couple of years. And guess what she said… She said I should sign up anyway! She suggested to go as a team so we could all work together so how about it? Who wants to do this with me NEXT OCTOBER?



Ran half a mile without stopping.
Walked two and a half miles. Very awesome that I did this during work hours!


Still at work as of 10:15 am.
Hopefully I can get some exercise in.

It is now 8:11 pm and that’s a NOPE, I DIDN’T. Eh, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.



Did some research for my novel.
Actual research too not “Hey, let’s play on the NaNo forums” or “Maybe I’ll see
what my friends on Facebook are eating for lunch”.

Did not write because I felt like vegging in front of “How I Met Your Mother” for a couple minutes and went to bed early.


Filling out a “Fantasy World Building” survey to work on background. Last March I wrote a fifteen page manuscript before a SCBWI conference and paid to have someone critique my work. Great experience and feedback, which included that I should work on the characters and world a little more.

When you sit down and write realistic fiction (or a blog about your life for that matter), everything is implied. The world is the same. We share a lot of the same experiences, a few of us may even share the same lifestyle. The first year I participated in NaNoWriMo, I wrote a silly novel about a military spouse raising her kids while
her husband was deployed. Big stretch, I know. If you need more info, I write
another post, right?

But when it comes to creating a whole world complete with complex characters that need a driving force to keep the story moving forward, I have found that I cannot cut corners. And that my friends, is what I’ve been doing.

I can’t just have a few characters that talk to me and throw them into some random place. They (and my novel) will just wander around aimlessly with nothing to do.

Hence, my need to research and invest more time into building a foundation where these characters will be able move, act, and battle evil until the words… “THE END”.

I hope I reach those two words in the next twenty-two days!

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