11/6 = 5K + 50K

I subbed last week for the first time in a couple of weeks. While I am happy to be subbing, how quickly I grow accustomed to living the stay-at-home life though it was not pretty because the oldest was getting over the dreaded stomach flu.

I initially thought his stomach pains last Thursday stemmed from him refusing to use the restroom.

“Um, why didn’t you go to the bathroom?”

“I didn’t want to use my tickets. Unused tickets go into the raffle on Friday.”

“Hmmm. And you had how many?”


Seriously? This boy could not spare one itty bitty ticket to take care of business? Also, he is his father’s son; the number of frozen bean and beef burritos in the freezer fell by half in the past twenty-four hours.

Perhaps he exceeded the allotted number of frozen burritos in a twenty-four hour period.

Or perhaps not.

The next morning, he had a fever and numerous trips to the restroom. [Yes, I am aware that one day when he’s not much older, he’ll read this post and be very embarassed.] Needless to say, he stayed home from school and being three days from Halloween, I’m sure he willed his body to heal as soon as possible.

So back to work I went and Friday’s job was particularly nice in that my middle child’s teacher asked me to sub. I was wary about taking the job, not because of her students or teaching style, but because I was A’s girl scout leader last year and that was a bit of a disaster. I can’t say I blame her. I mean, if you spent the last two years hanging out with one of your besties, how could you be expected to sit still and learn a couple hours a month in addition to school? She constantly demanded my attention and whined when she didn’t get it. Though we still make plans with her friends today, we had to drop girl scouts.

Surprisingly, she did none of those things on Friday. She did not raise her hand to say “I LOVE YOU” or try to hug me during instruction. She did great!

Speaking of working, it is a great feeling to be requested but a bummer when I have to turn down work for various reasons, stomach viruses included. While it is nice to sub at my kids’ school, I look forward to visiting other schools, learning other teaching methods, and taking pictures of bulletin boards I’d love to recreate one day. Tomorrow I begin a two day job at… wait for it… a junior high! Physical education at that! I’m already planning which velvety jog suit I’m going to wear and refraining from wearing my Prince concert tee underneath. I have no idea what to expect but what a hilarious sign to boost me through this 5K training.



Did not feel like packing up the kids into the car and driving to the gym to run on a treadmill. Still have the memory of my last experience on a treadmill in which a woman picked the treadmill next to me of all the other EMPTY treadmills in the gym, mind you.

And if that weren’t enough, she ran fast. And was half my size. And I know without a doubt that it was not her intention to intimidate or scare or “show off” next to me. That was of my own insecure mind’s creation all on it’s own. I know that.

But not then. Not at that very moment.

I felt like a marshmellow with legs. A smelly, sweaty mess that breathes too loud and runs too slow. Then I start questioning my pace, forgetting the pace I’m comfortable with. And that’s when the injuries start.

Ooh, almost landed weird on my foot. Which causes me to overcorrect which causes a slight sprain in the other knee.

Oy. When did it become so exhausting? I will be sure to ask my brain next time it’s on.

Decided to challenge myself by running with the dog. Middle child decided to tag along at the last minute on her scooter. It was NOT an easy run and could not keep a steady pace for obvious reasons:

1. My dog does not run in a straight line.
2. My dog did not “go” before we left.
3. My dog likes to chase people when they walk by. Well, not so much “chase” and “smell”.
4. My daughter had an issue with her back wheel. And then didn’t. And then did.
5. Did I mention my dog doesn’t run in a straight line?

We ended up doing a couple of miles but I felt really good afterward. A got a few good sprints out of me, that quick little kid. My goal was to run three days and ten miles a week. I was a bit shy in mileage this week but I think this conversation makes up for it.

On our way back, I said to A, “Thanks for coming with me.”

She said, “Thanks for inviting me. I just didn’t want you to be TOO alone.”

“Wow, that’s really nice of you,” I said. “Thanks!” And I gave her a hug.

Then she added, “Also, I didn’t want zombies to get you.”


And the race to catch up begins…

Expected Word Count for Day 4: 6666
Actual Word Count for Day 4: 5596

Expected Explanation: I couldn’t because I had to work and am behind on putting the Halloween decorations away.
Actual Explanation: None

Expected Word Count for Day 5: 8333
Actual Word Count for Day 5: 6022

Expected Explanation: I couldn’t because I had to finish laundry and took the kids to the bookstore for the first time since Borders closed. Also one of my best friends came over to hang out and we were going to have a write-in at my house.
Actual Explanation: None
What Actually Happened: We ate the kids’ Halloween candy and talked about Kim Kardashian.

Expected Word Count for Day 6: 10K
Actual Word Count for Day 6: 8502

…but I put all three kids to bed BEFORE 7 pm. Thank you Daylight Savings Time! Also my goal is to get 10K words before I go to bed, hopefully in the next two hours!


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