11/2 = 5K + 50K

Rest day from running. Do not feel sore. I usually run on Tuesdays and Thursdays while L is in preschool but I am feeling a financial crunch so I accepted sub jobs for tomorrow and Friday. I do plan on not only going to the gym for a run on the treadmill after work but ALSO telling the kids about it. Nothing like getting a guilt trip from all three cuties at the same time. There is a great child care facility at our gym: art corner, outdoor playground, indoor playland, video games that require movement… Can you blame them for wanting to go?

I will regret it if I don’t go because I won’t get that wonderful feeling (after the grumbling and complaining in my head that only lasts for about twenty minutes in) from not worrying about something, anything for twenty minutes in a row. Also I just packed a gym bag. Well, more like the girls’ Hello Kitty bag with gym clothes in it. No excuses, right?


I took the preschooler to Starbucks today so I could write a bit without having to actually rush to preschool. I have found that I work better when I write in bits and pieces.


There is no other phrase to explain it. I write a scene or some dialogue and then my mind naturally wanders off whether it’s playing Fruit Ninja with L or checking to see what goofy tweets are coming up with the hashtag #NaNoWriMo. Rather than fight it, I just go with it. Then when I remember that I have to hit 2K a day, I click on the “W” button on my screen, read the sentence I just wrote, and almost always the scene replays in my head but then quickly adds more content on it’s own.

Of course, it IS only day 2. We shall see what works for me tomorrow. Like I said earlier, two jobs in the next two days. Laptop charging as I type. Will click on W after I hit “Publish” and see what happens next…

Expected Word Count for Day 2: 3,333
Total Word Count for Day 2: 3,505

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